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           March - April 2024                                        

  • Initiate the ARSA token launch on the Arbitrum network.

  • Establish and lock the liquidity pool on Uniswap.

  • Onboard strategic partners and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders).

  • Release the BETA version of the Smart Contract Creation Tool.

  • List the token on a CEX (Centralized Exchange).

  • Release the official version of the AI Smart Contract Tool.

  • Launch the beta version of the AI Smart Contract Auditor.

  • Execute marketing campaigns to enhance platform awareness and adoption.

            May 2024:                      

  • Implement updates to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the AI Auditor.

  • Intensify marketing endeavors to attract more developers and investors to utilize the auditor.

  • Forge partnerships and collaborations with other blockchain entities to expand the ecosystem's reach and impact.

  • Conduct additional marketing campaigns to bolster user adoption.

June 2024

  • Continuously refine and enhance ecosystem dApps based on user feedback and emerging trends in the blockchain industry.

  • Introduce the AI Analyzer Tool for auditing DeFi projects. Launch revenue-sharing plans for token holders and introduce revenue-generating platforms.

  • Explore novel use cases and applications for the technology.

  • Expand partnerships and collaborations to broaden the Arsa Network's reach.

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